Saturday, 28 April 2012

New city.New chick

My name is Phil and I was 15 when my dad got a promotion at work to manage a satellite office of the company he worked for and because of that, we had to move to a new town. I'm Chinese and from San Francisco so the move was a bit hard for me. We moved to a small town where it was mainly white people, most of whom have never seen an Asian before. Most of the people at school were either ignorant or just plain idiotic. Everyone here were a lot bigger than what was normal in San Fran - the jocks weren't really the muscular type. In fact, a good portion of them had obvious beer guts and somewhat flabby man boobs. But they all had muscle and were practically 7 ft tall. Half of the school towered me with my height at 5 ft 7 inches, even the girls. And most of them were not the skinny type you see in San Fran - they all had some meat to them and their bodies overall were bigger, including bums and breasts. Must be the diet - everyone here ate nothing but meat, potatoes and starch and almost everyone in school drank like no tomorrow whenever they had the chance.

Things at school started out rocky. Because I was not a big guy - I wasn't skinny but I wasn't buff or muscular either. There was no six pack abs and if you pinch, I do have a bit of flab but nothing majorly noticeable so I was able to wear a lot of form fitting clothes, which is the style in San Fran, a lot of guys would call me names like "fag" and "chinky" but I would shrug it off. Though one day, this moron of a jock named Tucker decided to take things to the next level by harrasing Allan, a fat guy at school. Tucker is Alpha-Jock and he is under the delusion that he runs the school. He used to date this girl named Rachel, a girl who's 5 ft 4, one of the shorter girls in school. Unlike most of the other girls who had long hair, Rachel's was short but she had really nice bangs. Her hair was also red but I don't think it's natural. She was definitely more plump than the Asian girls back home but I'd be lying if I said I didn't find her attractive. She had plenty of curves and a nice fullness to her body but she wasn't fat or chubby by any means. I'm guessing she's probably a 36B or 34C cup. She has dark green eyes and a pair of lucious lips that looked silky but weren't thick or overbearing like Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts. Even though they're not together anymore, he still hopes to rekindle what they have and acts macho around her all the time. A lot of the guys at school won't even go near her because he'll threaten them with a pounding if they even try anything.

Anyway, he decided to gang up on Allan with a bunch of his buddies and for some stupid reason, I decided to play hero.

"Back off, Tucker!"
"Oh look, tiny dick here thinks he has a pair of balls!"
"Can't say the same for you! What, does your daddy not give you enough attention so you start looking for it at school?"
"Don't cross me, chink!!!"

At that point, Rachel passed by and told him to back off but of course, now that "his girl" is here, he wasn't going to let me win.

"You want a piece of me?" he yells.
"At the way you drool and sweat like a dog, I think half of this hallway has a piece of you..."

A bunch of kids in the hall laughed and I caught a slight grin coming from Rachel. Just for that, Tucker started throwing punches and me being the quick little guy, easily dodged them. I even managed to get him to hit the concrete wall a few times, hurting his hand in the process. I knew going head to head with Tucker was a bad idea. He towered me in height and probably doubles me in body weight. And just because I'm Chinese, doesn't mean I know martial arts and even if I did, I don't know whether it would work against such a beast. Eventually, the hall monitor came and he was suspended for bullying.

As time went by, things at school got a bit better. I'm good friends with Allan and we also hung out with some of the other "rejects" for a lack of a better term - computer nerds, comic book geeks, video game enthusiasts and even a gay friend that people made fun of. They were all cool but the meat heads at this school made their lives hell. Somehow, I became the official representative for these guys on all things social in school, defending them and helping them when they needed and overall, giving them opportunities to come out of their shell and have the confidence in doing what they love and being proud of it. I think a lot of people, including Rachel, respected me because of that. In fact, she and I became somewhat close. At first I thought she was like the same as those valley girls at school but she's a lot more down to earth and quite approachable. One member from my social reject group of friends even tried to ask her out but she let him down gently like a lady would.

One day on my way home from school, I bumped into Rachel. Turns out she goes in the same direction as I do from school and lives just a 10 minute walk away from my place. We had a few friendly chats on our walks home, something that drove Tucker insane. But one day, she said she needed some help with her chemistry homework and I offered to help her during lunch the next day.

The next day, we met for lunch and I even brought Allan along so she doesn't get any grief from Tucker. I managed to help her get through her homework fairly easily as chemistry came natural to me. Would've been even quicker if I wasn't distracted by her perfume. At this point, I think I started liking this girl a bit as she was different from most of the vain, materialistic blonde bimbos at school. But I couldn't do anything as she is dating Tucker. Feeling comfortable with me around, Allan starting asking her questions, some a bit inappropriate like "So you seriously sleep with a idiot like Tucker?" I tried to steer the conversation away and thank god Allan had band practice during the latter half of lunch otherwise, I don't know how much more I could keep this up. When he left, she seemed to get more comfortable in talking to me.

"You know, you shouldn't feel bad when Tucker says those things about your umm...size..."
Reacting a bit surprised that she would bring up such a topic, I said "No offense, but I don't let anything Tucker says get to me cuz quite frankly, he's not that bright."
"Well, I know that subject can be a bit uncomfortable for people like you..."
"People like me?!?" I blurted out.
"Sorry, I didn't mean it like that...let's just say, whatever you're packing, he is last person to make such judgements as he is...not as developed," she says coyingly.
I couldn't help but let out a giggle and she follows suit. But it's such a shame that a wonderful girl is being pleasured by such a moron and one who is not packing to her standards too.

Sometime in April, my dad said he had to fly back to San Fran for a few days and my mom will be going back with him so she can visit some friends so I was going to be alone in the house toward the end of the week and a weekend. When I told Allan this, he suggest we have a party. I didn't want to go crazy though as I'm considered to be quite trustworthy to my parents but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have some fun with my new friends. I just told him it won't be one of those crazy parties where everyone gets drunk and Allan was cool with that - he just wanted to chill with a bunch of peeps, maybe order some pizzas and hang out. Nothing fancy. I thought, cool, let's do it.

I was excited for the party but then I realized that all the guests were guys. Not that I mind a guys night but it would be nice to balance out some of the sausage that was going to be there. One day, I bumped into Rachel in the hallway at school and asked if she'd like to come hang out. I probably came off weird because Tucker wasn't that far away and the last thing I need is for him to think I'm trying to put the moves on his girl and have him and his dumbass jock buddies being party crashers at my place. Rachel seems to get the hint and says, "Sure! I'll bring Meghan along and we can hang out". Thank god she said Meghan and not that bimbo Jessica. I gave her my address and told her to keep it on the down low.

So the house was all setup for the party - plenty of chip and dip, pizza, soft drinks and various snacks available for the folks to have a good time. I also whipped up a batch of dumplings and spring rolls just to make things a bit more exciting. Allan comes over a bit early to help with the setup. By 7pm, a few of our buddies had arrived and were playing some video games. The door bell rang at around 7:30pm and it was Rachel with her friend Meghan. Rachel was wearing a red top with a blank tank underneath and jean shorts while Meghan showed a bit more skin. Meghan was skinnier than Rachel and because she had a bit of cleavage, all the guys' attention were on her. Not that I mind since I didn't exactly want to tell anyone to knock off on the stares at Rachel. I swear, all the guys must have dropped their jaws when they saw the two girls - not that I blame them; I invited her so that it wouldn't be a total sausage fest after all. I don't know what shocked them more, the fact that girls were here or that they were attractive. Throughout the night, Allan gave me more than enough fist bumps on my job well done in inviting them.

The best part is, they didn't feel weird or awkward around us. Rachel just acted like one of the guys and hung out with us while Meghan distracted herself with food and some board games. Rachel probably felt more at ease cuz she know me and sort of knows Allan but Meghan eventually loosens up, especially during a rowdy game of Truth or Dare Snakes and Laddders. A couple of hours later, Meghan gets a text from one of the jocks saying they're having a keg party down the street and she decides to check it out. All the guys were bummed from that, all right. I was too because I figured Rachel was going to go with. But thank god she decided to stick around and Meghan left.

About another hour or so, I see Allan whispering to the others and suddenly they all call it a night. Rachel says she'll stick around to help me clean up. As Allan and the gang were leaving, I saw him give me a wink. That sly dog. Rachel started to help me clean up the plates in the living room.

"You don't have to do this. You can go to that other party."
"Nah, it's fine. I don't feel like being in the middle of a bunch of sweaty drunken horn dogs anyway."
"Are you sure? What about Tucker?"
Suddenly, a brief pause - did I bring up an uncomfortable subject?
"Sorry, I didn't mean to..."
"It's okay..." she says, "I'm just sick and tired of having people wonder if I can do anything without Tucker's approval."
I take a brief pause myself before I say "He's a real lucky guy. Hopefully he can start learning to appreciate you rather than treat you like some property." At that point, she lets out a chuckle as if what I said is something completely ridiculous.

I think what made her so comfortable around me was that I wasn't like the other guys. I wasn't always blatantly trying to hit on her or get her to bed me every chance I got nor did I ogle her - even though she had plenty to ogle - like a horny teenage pervert. I treated her like a friend and despite finding her really attractive, I never let her feel like her physical body be the thing that defined her in my eyes.

I offered to get her another glass of soda but just as I turn around from the fridge with the glass in my hand, she bumps into me and spills the class of soda on my white button up.

"Oh my god, I am so sorry!"
"No worries, I'll just throw it in the wash."
"I hope it doesn't stain..."
"It should be fine. It's not an expensive shirt anyway."

I proceed to unbutton the shirt and she comes over with a towel to pat me off. She gets a good feel of my body. Her hand is silky soft and we both experience an awkward moment as we're literally standing three inches from each other, the closest we've ever been. She awkwardly rubs my chest gently as if to wipe soda off of it but giggles.

"What?" I asked.
"It's're really skinny." She laughs and I let out a chuckle.
"Believe it or not, in my hometown, I was the fat kid," I let out.
"Wow, that makes me feel GREAT about myself..."
"Hey, there's nothing wrong with the way you look. You're beautiful. Never let anyone tell you otherwise."

That made her blush a bit. A slight smile appears on her face and my god, she's as cute as a button. I brushed my hand down her face and suddenly, I got the crazy urge to kiss her. And I did, which surprised her but she didn't fight it. Our lips danced with each in slow sensual rhythms. She had really nice full lips. I put my arms around her and felt the warmth of her body on me. I started to gently suck on her upper lip and she on my lower. We went at it for what felt like eternity but it couldn't have been for more than 2 minutes. My hands moved slowly, caressing her back. Her shirt was nice and silky. She started to remove my unbuttoned button up and moved her hands across my chest, sending shivers up my spine. I put my face against hers and stared into her eyes as she smiled so beautifully, like an angel.

I move in for a kiss once again but after one smooch, she backs off and starts kissing me down my neck. As she did that, I kissed her ear gently but she kept going further down until I couldn't reach her anymore. She took a step back for a moment to take off her red shirt, leaving only a really form fitting black tank on that gave some great cleavage and showed off her great curves, including her ample bosom, which is a lot bigger than I thought it was. She stepped closer again to give me a gentle kiss before working down my neck and to my chest. I was getting really excited now. She was kissing me on my lower neck as I gently kissed her forehead and as she got lower and lower, she put my right nipple in between her lips.

All I can think of was - HOLY MOTHER OF MERCY - I did not know that that would feel as good as it did. I always thought it was a girl's thing. She kept kissing my nipple, using her tongue to flick it and occassionally suckling it with her lucious lips as I gave out a soft moan. That was incredible and I am now rock hard. Her lips worked her way to my left nipple and I could see down her tank top, the sight of her amazing cleavage making me even harder if it was even possible to her harder. Her voluptious set of breasts brushes pass my erection as she moves to the left nipple, kissing and flickering it with her tongue as I caress her hair with my hands in satisfaction. Sudden;y, she gave it a small, gentle bite that drove me over the edge. I didn't want her to stop but I couldn't be selfish and so I pulled her face back up and kissed her with ever fiber of passion I had. I held her tight, her busty chest against mine as I slipped my tongue and joyfully played inside her mouth while my hands caressed her body. Despite the fact that she just sucked on my nipples, I was still too embarrassed to hit second base and grab her nice rack.

She must've noticed that I was nervous so she took the initiative and guided my hand towards her bust. It was so soft and warm and I massaged it as we kissed. "Oh Phil..." she moaned. I would give the occassional squeeze with my left hand while my right caressed her nice round butt. I moved us toward the couch and sat down, with her on top of me, never once letting go of her with my mouth or hands. In between breaths, I muttered "you're beautiful, Rachel." I decided to be bold and see if she would like to take it the next step and I started to roll up her tank top. She had a nice silky black bra on that made her look so sexy. I put my face in between her cleavage and kissed up the crevice, up her chin and made out with her passionately on her lips.

Then, in what a lot of people would consider a moment of stupidity, and I don't blame anyone who thinks so, I backed off for a second. She got confused. "We don't have know...I mean, you're beautiful but I'm okay with just the kissing and the hugging." I said. She blushed a little and gives me a peck on the lip, saying "I want to." I cuddled her close to me as she sat on top of me on the couch, kissing her. "I should warn you though..." I started off. "I'm not...too experienced. In fact, I've only done this once and it didn't go exactly the way it should've went." God, why did I say that? Way to break the moment, Phil.

"The one and only time I've ever done it was with Tucker. Seriously, I think you're good," she says with a chuckle. That made me feel much better and I continue to kiss her while her right hand tickles my left nipple. She knows I enjoy her playing with them and my god, I wish I knew about how good it felt the first time I did it. With our lips locked and tongues playing mouth hockey, I lifted my right hand and unhooked her bra without much effort. She smiled a bit in the middle of lip lock, impressed with my efforts in unhooking her bra. She goes ahead and undo her belt and unbutton her shorts. She backs up a bit, getting off me for a moment to take off her shorts, revealing matching black panties and as she climbs back on top of me, her bra falls off and I see that the label reads 36D. Definitely a lot bigger than I thought. And there's no sagging either, just a great set of perky breasts that stick out towards my face, asking to be played with. I give her one quick kiss on the lips and then it's off to the wonderful mammaries. I lick down the side of the wonderful curve of the right breast before i gently lick the breast near the areola but not touching it. I do that for another 20 seconds before she yells out "stop teasing me and do it already!" Unable to leave this beautiful girl hanging any longer, I kiss her hard nipple before clasping my wet tongue and lips over it and gently suck like a baby. It's unbelievable how perky these things are! I need no effort to get them in my mouth. My left hand is massaging her right breast as I continue to kiss and suck on her left one for a good couple of minutes and she moans in ecstasy. "Oh god, I've never felt anything like this. I love it." she moans. Hard to believe that Tucker has never tasted them. But I guess he is too much of a meat head to know how to properly pleasure a fine woman like Rachel. His loss, my gain. "The only one feels lonely," she jokingly says, pointing to the right breast and I chuckle before reaching for it with my tongue. Her skin is so smooth and the color so milky. They're so full and soft that I could do this all night and still be satisfied.

With my mouth still clasped onto her nipple and my tongue swirling about, I lift her up and I get up off the couch, turning around and placing her back down. With me on top, I continue sucking on those beautiful boobs as she puts her arm around my head, occassionally kissing my forehead in between moans of ecstacy. I go ahead and put my hand into her panties and can't believe how drenched they are. If I didn't know better, I would've thought she peed her pants! I take my middle and index fingers and slide them in between her libia, which is flowing with juices. I managed to go a little deeper and thrust my fingers in and out while my thumb massages her clit and me mouth sucking on her nipples. She moans with such pleasure that I can feel a spray of vaginal juices come out from between my fingers. I pull my fingers out to show her what happened and looking embarrassed, she blushes. I can't help but find that she's the most adorable girl ever and kisses her gently on the lips.

"I think I need to return the favor" she says. She's so amazing.

She gets off the couch and I lay down. She unbuckles my belt and unzips my jeans, pulling them off. I've been hard for the whole time now and I was surprised I didn't prematurely ejaculate during that whole session! She removes my boxers and I pant nervously, unsure if my 5 inches will be enough to satisfy her.

"What is it?" she asks.
"It's just...I hope it's enough. I mean, it's not small but it's not big either."
"Trust me," she says, "it's more than enough. Don't forget what I said about Tucker. He's only 3 inches. And plus, it's also how you use it that matters."

With her reassuring words, she climbs up toward my face and gives me a kiss before taking her left hand to grab a hold of my stiff member. "Uncircumcized, huh? I heard it feels a lot better with the foreskin." It didn't matter how much better it felt. All I know is that it was amazing and nothing could top what's going on right now. She starts to slowly jerk it while sucking on my nipple. Looks like she picked up a trick from me! The intensity of both the nipple stimulation and her jerking my penis is intense and there's no way I can last much longer at this rate.

I pulled her up so I can remove her panties. I lay across the couch and get her to straddle my face. She gets the idea and climbs on top. I welcome myself to a buffet of vaginal juices flowing out of her as I dig in and gorge on a beautiful pussy. Her pubes confirm my suspicion about her not being a natural redhead. I lick her meaty libia while she wraps her lips around my hard dick. I lick as if my life depended on it and suddenly, the biggest burst of juice comes spraying down on my face as her body trembles while my dick is in her mouth. My god, the feeling is intense.

She gets off the couch and on her knees on the ground. I give her a cushion for her knees and stand up. Using no hands, she puts her mouth on my hard cock and thrusts her face in and out, swallowing my whole shaft. She would occassionally glance up at me, which made it so much sexier. She cupped my balls in one hand and I can feel the pressure building up inside. I was both anticipating this and hating it because I'm about to have the most amazing orgasm of my life but I won't be able to go all the way if I cum now. Suddenly, her other hand reaches up toward my nipple and she tickles it, the other cupping my balls while she gives my members a nice wet in and out as she looks into my eyes. I warn her "I'm about to cum" and she doesn't stop but rather, smiles. And with that, I cannot help but pull out from her mouth and point my dick away from her and erupt with full force, releasing a tidal wave of semen onto the floor. She looks absolutely stunned from seeing streams of cum being released from my dick. Spasm after spasm, I release more cum than I though a man can and weakly falls onto the couch but Rachel hungrily goes after my member and continues sucking, licking the semen from my dick and sucking every drop out. That drove me INSANE but it was AMAZING!

I pull her up towards me and give her a quick suck on her nipple before grabbing her towards me to cuddle with her on the couch, not worrying about the mess I have to clean up later. I continue to make out with her. Our naked bodies drenched in sweat and vaginal fluid from our crazy night lay together as I carress her hair. "You hungry?" I asked her. "Really, that quick huh?" she replies. "No!" I said adoringly. "I meant whether you're actually hungry. I can make a batch of dumplings for you." She takes me up on the offer and we both go to the kitchen, naked, to make some food. I am not looking forward to the cleanup in the living room though Rachel assures me that the cleanup in the shower later that night will be worth it.

"By the way, Phil" she says, "next time you should cum in my mouth, just like how I did in yours." I just can't help but smile that there's going to be a next time.


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